The Wooden Feather
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  The Wooden Feather welcomes you to visit our site. I specialize in hand carving all types of feathers from wood. I have feathers mounted in frames and shadow boxes. I also make feather pins for wear.
   You can select items for purchase from our Feather Pins, Shadow Box Feathers, or Framed Feathers for sale pages. Or if you would like any type of special feather carved please contact us. 

  You now can legally own a feather, but it is a one of a kind original signed and numbered piece of art.

  I use a various websites and books to find pictures of feathers to use as patterns , because it is illegal to have  any type of feather other than gamebirds in your possession.  Using Wisconsin Northern Basswood I rough them out using a band-saw. I will then carve and wood burn the tiny lines trying to get 75 to 100 lines per inch. This give them the soft look that makes them look so real. I then paint them using various types of paint. I also make the frames, cut the glass and matte the feathers.

             Bald Eagle Primary Flight Feather

Whooping Crane feather given to President
Jimmy Carter from Operation Migration
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